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AKGC Free Junior Golf Help eBook

Now that you have decided to purchase a new set of golf clubs for your "future star", wouldn't it be nice to have an "Owner's Manual" included with your purchase? Something that provides some expert guidance on what to do with the clubs after they arrive?

We agree, and that's just what we set out to do when we created the AKGC Junior Golf Help eBook. It's included free of charge with every order, to help get things started on the right foot (rather than the left one).

We have been golfing with our kids for many years and have learned many things about them and the sport of golf along the way. Our free eBook is our way of sharing some "lessons learned", along with some helpful tips. Included in the eBook:

  • What to do with your clubs when you receive them
  • Basic grip, stance and swing tips
  • How to prepare (and pull off) the first trip to the driving range or golf course
  • 15 tips for maximizing fun on the golf course
  • Junior fitness articles
  • A collection of (clean) golf jokes

This eBook is free with every purchase. If you have any suggestions for subjects to include in this ebook, please drop us a line - we're always looking for ways to improve and we would love to hear from you!

Here's to great times on the course with your kids,
The Staff at All Kids Golf Clubs