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Golf Balls

All Kids Golf Clubs carries a selection of practice golf balls as well as real golf balls in many colors.  Our practice golf balls include foam and wiffle, and are great for juniors learning to play since they are much less likely to result in injury to someone or damage to your house from those stray shots.

Check out our colored kids golf balls, which can make golfing much for fun for the little ones.

Golf Balls : There are 4 Products In This Category
Tru-shot practice golf balls are great for window-safe backyard practice. The unique air flow design provides a realistic feel and flight path.
Perfect for safe backyard play, these quality hollow plastic golf balls are available in white or pink (one dozen in each package).
The perfect companion for safe backyard practice or just playing around - 42 multi colored whiffle balls with a wire basket to keep them in!
These kid-safe foam practice golf balls can be hit directly at a window with no fear of breakage!