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Junior Golf Equipment

If you’re searching for junior golf equipment, you’ve come to the right place. Here at All Kids Golf Clubs we’ve specialized in junior golf equipment online since 1999. We tested it all and only bring to you the items that we love. First and foremost, junior golf equipment includes junior golf clubs. We carry junior golf clubs in a range of sizes and styles made especially for kids from ages 2 to teen. Whether you’re looking for left handed junior golf clubs or golf clubs for girls we’ve got it all. Just as a note, there is not difference between boys and girls golf clubs at the younger ages. Up until the teen years, all kids golf clubs are made for either girls or boys – the only difference is the color. So if your boy wants pink golf clubs or your girl wants red – not a problem, there are no differences except for the color.

There are however, significant differences between golf clubs made especially for kids and “cut down” adult golf clubs. Never cut adult golf clubs down to fit a child. The shafts will be much too stiff for a child to swing and will not be successful at launching the golf ball into the air. Junior golf clubs have special junior flex shafts that are light weight and easy to flex, making it easier for your child to have success in hitting the ball which makes it more fun for everyone.

All of our kids golf clubs are arranged by age group, but the best way to select the best junior golf club set for your child is by his or her height. All of our golf clubs include a recommended height range that will aid you in selecting that perfect set. 

What other junior golf equipment should you consider purchasing for your young golfer? Next we would suggest a junior golf glove. Not only would your child look like a real golfer while wearing his kids golf glove, but it serves a purpose as well. Many children either hold the club too tightly or too loosely – a golf glove will help in either situation. The tackiness of the glove will help your child grip the club better in a loose grip and will help reduce the likelihood of blisters if he is gripping the club too tightly. 

Other junior golf equipment options that you’re sure to encounter while shopping for your little golfer include junior golf pull carts. If you are to the point where you are spending time out on the golf course with your child, then you should consider purchasing a junior pull cart. Having your child carry his or her own equipment is an important part of learning any sport. It is often fun for a child to ride in (or drive) a golf cart, but that doesn’t get them any exercise!

At All Kids Golf Clubs, we also carry other junior golf equipment including foam and whiffle practice balls, junior golf bags, junior golf hats and animal headcovers. Many of these items make great golf gifts for your kids whether it’s for a birthday or any special day. 

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