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Junior Golf Pull Carts

If after months of practicing at the driving range, it’s finally time to hit the links with your child. Don’t forget all the important golf equipment including a junior golf pull cart. We all know that kids love to drive a golf cart, but if you’re looking for an enjoyable stroll along the golf course with your kid, you should seriously consider investing in a kids pull cart.

The pull carts that you will find for rent at your local municipal golf course are made for adults. They are typically heavy, difficult to maneuver and can be a frustrating experience even for adults. A junior pull cart is made especially for children ages up to 10 and are more manageable and lighter weight than adult versions. At All Kids Golf Clubs, we offer the carts in standard black. The top bracket is adjustable to various kids' size bags.  When not in use, the junior golf pull cart can be easily folded up and stored for future use.  Not too many bells and whistles here, just a basic pull cart where your child will rest his or her golf bag in the center, affix it into place with the adjustable strap and voila! They are off and running (or pulling). The pull carts can be either pulled or pushed along the cart path. Don’t get stuck out in the middle of the course with your kids golf clubs on his or her back. That’s of course when he will start complaining. So invest in your child’s fun with a pull cart today.

Using a pull cart is a much better way to teach your child the game of golf than riding on a golf cart.  While walking to his or her next shot, your child can use that time to ponder what went right (or wrong) with the golf shot they just took.  If using a golf cart, children are more focused on the act of driving or riding in the cart and do not have enough time to seriously evaluate their shots and are more likely to be less focused throughout their golf game.  And who can argue about spending quality time with your child such as walking side by side with them down the fairway while admiring that fabulous tee shot!

Junior Golf Pull Carts : There are 2 Products In This Category
This adjustable junior pull cart grows with your child! Comes in black.
This adjustable junior pull cart grows with your child! Available in black or pink.