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Single Junior Golf Clubs
Are you looking for an individual junior golf club to take with your child to the driving range or to just hit around in the back yard?  At All Kids Golf Clubs, you can select from individual junior putters, irons, woods or hybrids for kids from age two up to teenagers.  These single junior clubs also work great to add to an existing starter junior golf set.
Prior year model single clubs are priced to move - click here to check them out on our "Clearance" page!
If this is the first golf club that you will be purchasing for your child, you are probably asking yourself, which club should I purchase?  Should I start with a driver, an iron?  Maybe a hybrid?  The club choices, styles and sizes probably seem endless to parents and grandparents alike.  We here at All Kids Golf Clubs have been helping parents select the right golf clubs for kids since 1999.  So you’ve come to the right place! 

If your child has not hit a golf club before, (other than the plastic clubs from the toy store), we recommend starting off with the putter.   The putter is the easiest club to learn many aspects of the entire game of golf.  With a putter, you can help your child learn to properly grip the golf club, make a smooth and measured swing and consistently aim toward a target.  We recommend setting up a target outside in your yard (or even inside your house) that would be easy for your child to hit.  Have him or her practice the right technique with his putter while trying to hit the target – first from up close and then moving back farther and farther as his accuracy improves.  Make a game out of it! 

After your child has “mastered” the putter, it is time to move to a club that can launch the ball into the air.  At this point, we recommend the 7 iron.  We see many parents making the mistake at this point by purchasing a driver.  They think that the driver will be more fun for their child at the driving range.  But don’t fall into that trap!  The driver is the most difficult club in the bag for anyone to hit accurately – whether adult or child.    Since your main goal in teaching your child to play golf is to teach your child to love the game – you need to reduce the possibility of frustration.  So stay away from the driver! 

The 7 iron, on the other hand, is one of the easier clubs to launch the golf ball into the air.  The 7 iron had a good loft on the club, has a shorter shaft and is lighter in weight than the woods.  Spend time with your child in the backyard and the driving range with the 7 iron.  Don’t make the mistake of taking your child straight to the golf course.  Just remember that it is all about building confidence and limiting frustration at these beginning levels of golf.  It’s all about having fun. 

Another most important fact is selecting the right size kids golf clubs.  All of our clubs are organized by age groups, but that is not the right way to select golf clubs for your children.  The best way is by a knuckle to floor measurement.  Unfortunately we only have the recommended knuckle to floor measurements on some of our golf clubs and sets.  If the club or set that you are interested in does not have a knuckle to floor recommendation in the product details, then the next best way to measure proper size is by height.  Every golf club and set that you will find on our site will have a height range listed.  Make sure that your child’s height fits into the range recommended.  Don’t expect your child’s new golf clubs to last more than two seasons.  You want the clubs to fit properly and as your child grows, you will need to adjust the clubs accordingly.

If you have any questions about which club type to select for your child or what is the proper sized clubs, feel free to contact us directly at 888-221-9941 Monday through Friday 8am to 4:30pm Eastern Time.

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